Welcome to Wing-Heart.org! Wing-Heart.org is a personal collective of fan sites mainly in honor of video game characters. This rather minimalist design uses a piece of my own artwork. Thank you so very much for visiting my digital home.
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Wing-Heart.org is so named after the leading lady of Final Fantasy VIII, Rinoa Heartilly. "Wing heart" is a promotional term used by Square on some Final Fantasy VIII products. To this day, Rinoa Heartilly is my favorite fictional character! I opened my first website in 1999 or very early 2000, and registered Wing-Heart.org in May of 2001. It's been with me ever since.


My websites are undergoing some changes at the moment and are, for the most part, currently offline. A lot of my content was written while I was still a teenager and I find that it's almost embarrassing to have online at this point. A few sites are up and running, though they still need some work as well.

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